Hybrid & Virtual Event Services

Our bespoke virtual and hybrid event packages ensure that you can still host engaging and spectacular live events, which are fully immersive and interactive.

We offer a range of services starting from simple audio solutions to fully hosted events.

We will manage all of the presenters and technical elements to provide a professional and engaging meeting at any site throughout the UK. Or you can come to us and use one of our Webinar or Black Box Studios to host your event. All studio spaces are fully equipment, ready to go, to stream your content to the world.

Having trouble managing your virtual meetings? We can provide a call management service. From our dedicate studios, we can host your Zoom or VC meeting. Set up the call, send out invitations, monitor the delegates and content, switch between speakers and presentations, highlight speakers and manage the breakout rooms.

Before the meeting, we can film your key presenters, manage presentations and show content and then seamless switch between the live meeting and pre-recorded footage on the day. We can also customise any online meetings to incorporate your companies graphics, corporate colours and styling.

All hosted events can be filmed and edited and supplied to you post-event if you need a permanent record of the day.

Please see footage of recent events in our video and photo galleries.